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Last added: Rusty Russel is Satoshi Nakamoto before it was cool to be Satoshi Nakamoto

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  1. vote 3.5 Rusty Russell inserts notes into your TCP stream live
  2. vote 3 Rusty Russell always votes against his own talks being accepted to
  3. vote -2.5 Rusty Russell only eats at one restaurant in Melbourne
  4. vote 3 Rusty Russell can see into the future, courtesy of the Rustyvisor
  5. vote -2 Rusty Russell has a band of online stalkers
  6. vote 2.25 Rusty Russell rates these facts
  7. vote 1 Rusty Russell moved to outside Braidwood simply to ensure that his brain didn't pick up the stupidity emanating from Canberra.
  8. vote 0.33 Every lguest instance contains a full copy of
  9. vote 0.29 There are only two kernel hackers - Linus and Rusty. Everyone else is an elegant sham created by these two to make it look like they're lazier.
  10. vote -1 Rusty Russell owns the patent on the human being.

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  1. vote 3.89 Rusty Russell once talked a spambot out of sending mail. It is now a well-known kernel hacker.
  2. vote 3.88 Rusty Russell wrote lguest to fork himself.
  3. vote 3.86 Rusty has a wig made out of of Bdales Beard
  4. vote 3.82 Rusty Russell doesn't travel, he routes.
  5. vote 3.75 Rusty Russell still knows what your packets did last night
  6. vote 3.75 Ali Russell (rusty's wife) has a bounty for the creator of this site
  7. vote 3.58 Rusty Russell is the penguin that bit Linus
  8. vote 3.5 Rusty Russell's grandmother makes him sweaters without threads.
  9. vote 3.5 Rusty Russell can hear ADSL, decode it in his head, and whistle the response down the phone line. He regularly gets 10Mbit/sec.
  10. vote 3.5 Rusty Russell inserts notes into your TCP stream live

Worst 10 facts

  1. vote -5 Rusty is '"><h1>bla
  2. vote -3.69 rusty russell sucks rocks
  3. vote -3.3 Nothing to see here <script> alert("Rusty Russell pwns your browser"); </script>
  4. vote -3.17 Rusty Russell did a keynote once
  5. vote -3 Rusty Russell requires sunglasses underground to shield himself from his own brilliance.
  6. vote -3 rusty lives near michael ison (who is the best)
  7. vote -3 Rusty Russell believes white chocolate and beetroot will join forces and take over the world
  8. vote -3 Rusty Russell thinks of the kittens. Won't you, think of the netfilter kittens?
  9. vote -2.83 Although it is true that features on don't kill puppies, features on have been known to kill entire packs of wild dogs.
  10. vote -2.8 Rusty Russell facts, gotta get 'em all!

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